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Year 10

The first year in Senior Secondary, this class is where students take more definitive step towards their future aspirations. Here, having gone through the process of making specific curriculum choices, they undertake rigorous studies in these curriculum areas for the next three years.


Year 10 is very significant in the education of Temple students, as during this year, the students are exposed to strong leadership training opportunities. The Student Representative Council (SRC) is made up primarily of Year 10 students, and through the entire electoral process, which is extremely competitive, the students are provided with opportunities to develop powerful public speaking skills. Students in Year 10 play a very significant role within the Temple School community, as the members of the SRC represent the student voice and serve as members of the management team of the secondary school.


Year 10 students also form the core members of TempleMUN, Temple School’s own Model United Nations, and as such are Temple delegates representing different countries at the annual COBISMUN, which occur in different countries each year


We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum catering for all our children. The curriculum is presented to them in an integrated manner, through cross-curricular themes. It aims to promote a healthy spiritual, moral, cultural, cognitive and physical development