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Year 11

The penultimate year in the senior secondary school, this year provides students with opportunities to look deeper into their future aspirations and work harder towards reaching their goals. There is a hard focus on academics and community service this year, and the students undertake a demanding programme of study combined with a student-led community project. Goal-setting and reflection are central to these programmes in Year 11, and there are ample opportunities to engage in sports, both at amateur and competitive levels. Year 11 at Temple School is a powerful preparation for higher education.


Students take the International General Certificate of Secondary Education examinations (IGCSEs) at the end of Year 11, and thereafter immediately begin preparations for the final year of secondary school, where the students are prepared for the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE), which signify the completion of the statutory secondary education years.


We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum catering for all our children. The curriculum is presented to them in an integrated manner, through cross-curricular themes. It aims to promote a healthy spiritual, moral, cultural, cognitive and physical development