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Year 8

Year 8 is the intermediate class in Key Stage 3. In this class, students are expected to have fully integrated into secondary school life and are now further challenged to expand their academic horizons into more complex regions. Year 8 students in Temple Secondary School undertake a broad curriculum in the following subjects:


English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Civic Education, Home Economics, Design Technology, ICT, Yoruba, History, Geography, Fine Art, Music and French. In addition to these, they also experience a personal, social and health education curriculum, as well as a physical education curriculum.


Year 8 is an exciting year for the students, as they get opportunities to join school teams and represent their school in local and international competitions. Performance arts are embedded within the curriculum, and students also get opportunities to demonstrate their growing theatrical and musical skills. Every student finds his or her niche, and every student gets an opportunity to achieve. Sports plays a vital role in the Year 8 experience at Temple, and the best athletes in Years 7 and 8 get the opportunity to attend the annual COBIS Secondary Games, which are held in different countries around the world each year.



We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum catering for all our children. The curriculum is presented to them in an integrated manner, through cross-curricular themes. It aims to promote a healthy spiritual, moral, cultural, cognitive and physical development