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Year 9

This year group marks the end of Key Stage 3, also known as the Junior Secondary School Stage. Students in Year 9 undergo an intensive programme of study, in preparation for internal exams as well as the external Cambridge Checkpoint exam.


Year 9 students engage in hands-on investigations and take ownership for their own learning. This vision is well established in Year 9, where students get opportunities to hone in their skills of collaborations, team-work, partnerships and initiative. The Cambridge Checkpoint exam, which the students take early in the Summer Term (Term Three), is an internationally recognised diagnostic assessment that is sponsored and marked by Cambridge University in England. The tests provide us with an external international benchmark for learner performance and each learner receives a statement of achievement as well as a diagnostic feedback report with detailed information. 


As they are at the culmination of Key Stage 3 (or Junior Secondary), the students in Year 9 are carefully prepared for a smooth transition into Key Stage 4 (or senior secondary) through a series of career inspiring events, including field trips, workshops, projects and role play activities.




We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum catering for all our children. The curriculum is presented to them in an integrated manner, through cross-curricular themes. It aims to promote a healthy spiritual, moral, cultural, cognitive and physical development